Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things! 23 of them!

Thing 1: testing, testing 1 2 3... 

Hello, this is my first attempt at a real blog. I've just started on the Cam 23 2.0 thing. I regularly use facebook, mostly to discuss my allotment and cat, and am not on twitter. I hope that this course will give me more of an insight into the professional uses of social media, and not just use it to send funny pictures of animals to my friends.

Thing 2: stalky stalky!

I'm a bit out of sequence, doing thing 2 after thing 3. But ever the maverick. A bit of snooping about brought up other people who are much better at this than me - I'm used to facebook, with its limited design and word count. And the lack of comments is weird, again, I'm used to the interactions from my assorted friends, even if a lot of it is sarcastic, insulting or completely irrelevant.

I've left a comment for someone who also has an allotment.

Can't find anyone else in Cambridge yet. The stalking must continue!

Thing 3: re:brand

 Well, here's Thing 3. I have an exceptionally common name, so stuck my workplace (a Cambridge college) on the end. A few hits, mostly from the college website, listing my position and when I started. Tried seeing if there are any images, nope. Removed my workplace name, tried my city. Lots of hits for the Duchess of Cambridge, even though she's 'Kate' not 'Katie', but I do appear under my work details again. Tried my maiden name, turns out I'm an Australian Big Brother contestant, an architect and am on the ladies squash team in Huntingdon. Haven't I been busy!

So my personal brand is all my own, and is hidden by celebrities. You'd need to know I'm out there and how to look for me. I quite like this idea. 

 Thing 4: feeding the tweet machine

Thing 4 has happened and I am now on twitter (@bookslinger). I am yet to write anything even vaguely relevant to librarianship or cpd23, but I have gained a whole six followers, of which two are also doing these 'things'. I am more aware that anyone could potentially read what I've said, more so than on facebook, so am being pretty quiet and just looking about. I'm mostly following comedians.

I've also joined storify (, but my contribution is patchy at best. This may also be a thing to use in the future, just not at the moment. On to thing 5!


  1. Happy stalking! I'm in the wrong Cambridge. Googling self is funny. I used to be a pin-up girl, but these days I'm mostly a golfer.

  2. The wrong Cambridge? As in Gloucestershire or USA? I can see how the transition from pin-up to golfer would work, look at Alice Cooper.

    1. USA (where they sometimes call us the Kremlin on the Charles) It's a lovely college town - chock full of nerds. Sadly, Harvard's cutting back on its libraries - they used to have 90.