Monday, 16 July 2012

Thing 10: how can one qualify their qualifications?

Like so many in the library world, I sort-of fell into librarianship. I applied for a Saturday shelving job in the main public library when I was 18 as I hated the supermarket where I was employed. I applied for a job in a bookshop because it dealt with art books and I'd just finished an art degree. I went for a job in a library as my friend worked on the department's reception and thought I'd like it there, more so than getting verbal abuse from irate customers and being phoned up by a litany of aged men, inviting me to their houses to 'see their etchings'. I moved from there to a college to reduce my working hours (long story), in the meantime having also picked up more experience as an invigilator, temporary library assistant and cataloguing assistant. Twice.

Until I started studying for my Masters', the only qualifications I had were a degree in an unrelated subject. But I'm quite low down in the food chain. I'm sure if I was the library equivalent of a shark, I'd need more pieces of official paper. But, where I am at the moment, it is more practical skills I need.

I am studying for a Librarian post-graduate degree, left over from when I had career plans. Now I'm completing it more for myself than to fulfil any world domination plans. I've heard on the grape vine that it could be applied to other careers. Obviously, my ideal career of nettle farmer would need different qualifications.

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