Monday, 24 September 2012

Thing 20: a sort-of repeat of Thing 10

ROOTS: Like so many in the library world, I sort-of fell into librarianship. I applied for a Saturday shelving job in the main public library when I was 18 as I hated the supermarket where I was employed. I applied for a job in a bookshop because it dealt with art books and I'd just finished an art degree. I went for a job in a university department library as my friend worked on the department's reception and thought I'd like it there. I moved from there to a college to reduce my working hours (long story), and have picked up whatever additional temporary jobs I can, where I can.

I'm an avid reader, and lots of people tell me being a librarian suits me. Or they're surprised, expecting all librarians to look like this lady. Oh well.

Saturday shelver (Public Library): 2 years.
Bookseller: 18 months.
Library Assistant (Department): 5 years.
Library Invigilator (Department): 1 term.
Library Assistant (College): 4 years and counting...
Library Assistant (College): 1 term.
Cataloguing Assistant (College): 1 month.
Volunteer Cataloguing Assistant (Department): 8 months and counting...

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