Monday, 24 September 2012

Thing 21: ooh, I've caught up!

Job interviews. I've had some excellent ones, I've had some disasterous ones. Anyone who says they're not stressful is lying. Even down to finding the right clothes to wear - if I wear jeans, do I appear too casual? If I wear a suit, will they spot it is old enough to be sitting GCSEs?

I'm very lucky that I keep my CV updated, as it is an excellent way to keep track of what one does at one's job. It has been checked by a qualified HR professional, so I just add little bits and delete others as required. It is unlikely I'll be applying for jobs outside of the library profession any time soon, so it doesn't require 'tweaking' according to the role I'm applying for.

The recommendations I can give is:

- Get your CV checked and make sure the dates add up.

- Ask someone to practise interviewing you.

- The interviewers are likely to be just as stressed as you, except they have to go through it all day and are probably dying for a cup of tea.

- Be prepared for awkward questions. 

- Research the place you're applying to, even if it is just looking up the front door on Google streetmap so you know where you're going, and allow plenty of time to get there.

- Always think of one question in advance to reply with when they ask "Do you have any questions?" because they will!

- If you are being interviewed for a library job, comment how tidy the shelves look...

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